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The Perks Of Working With A Millennial Entrepreneur- AKA Boss Appreciation Post!

Millennials, among many things, are revolutionary thinkers and have a nimble mind, this quality makes them stand out and helps them achieve the unthinkable, They have a passion for novel concepts that change lives!

They have the courage to challenge societal stereotypes and stand up for what they believe in, having been this incredible, millennials have not fallen behind in making their mark on the business world, they have the enthusiasm, creativity, and acumen to run a successful business and be this one of a kind inspirational leader

Millennials are constantly asking themselves how things can be improved or done differently. Many businesses are unsure about embracing change, even when it could boost revenue or productivity. But companies founded by millennials don't have that problem; these businesses already embrace innovation as an integral part of success :)

With millennials in charge, you can expect your company to benefit from a constant flow of new ideas. They are open to change and naturally thrive on challenges, they are always introducing ideas and suggestions that might help improve business in various ways

These young entrepreneurs, tend to be comfortable with change and they embrace new technologies, new concepts, and new ways of doing things. They even strive for change because their role models are people who grew their businesses through innovation!

Having a clear vision is a critical part of entrepreneurship, and at Datastraw, our team is beyond happy and thrilled to get an opportunity to work with this amazing, supportive, visionary person, our very own CEO and Founder Chandni Chugh :))

One of our awesome team members has wonderfully described, the perks of working with a millennial entrepreneur and summed up what it is like to work with a leader who is focused, committed and erudite -

“As the first employee of Datastraw, I've witnessed and experienced Chandni's brilliant entrepreneurial acumen and her strong drive and determination since day 1.

Out of the many important things that Chandni has always emphasized since the inception of Datastraw, the two things that stand out by far are her complete commitment to encouraging work-life balance and personal growth, and her balanced approach to encouraging every person in the team to explore their innovative ideas while keeping the practical aspect of things in mind.

Chandni has directly had a positive impact on my growth as well, both as a person and as a professional. All the opportunities that I've received, the invaluable experience that I've gathered over a year under her leadership, and the honest feedback about anything and everything have been crucial to everything I've accomplished over the past year

- Chinmay Pednekar

Having had the chance to work alongside a millennial entrepreneur, and especially one who is patient and exudes a calm, positive vibe makes life super peaceful and for that, we at Datastraw can’t thank Chandni enough, thank you for being the person that you are!

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