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4 Steps to create the perfect B2B email

As a fast-growing B2B email marketing/ lead gen agency, we are helping companies achieve their marketing goals and scale faster than ever! Over the months we have tried and tested several different strategies to craft the ideal B2B email that is concise and conveys the message precisely!

There are 4 imperative factors contributing to a B2B email that can either make or break your entire email marketing campaign -

1) The subject line

Invariably, the subject line is the first thing that a recipient catches sight of in any email, which is all the more reason to make sure that your subject line elicits intrigue among the target audience.

For any marketing campaign, having a well-structured target audience will only help in generating quality leads and that is what we must aim for!

The best way to find out what subject line works for you is to try a few, depending on the prospects that you are working with.

One of the subject lines that got us an opening rate of over 70% is-

“Hey {first name}, quick question?”

2) The first line

In a world filled with automated emails, personalize your B2B emails to make them sound as human and conversational as possible!

Start personalizing emails from the first line, this works as an ice breaker along with giving the prospect an idea about the research you’ve done before reaching out to them.

The perfect first line that works wonders begins with paying the prospect a compliment based on the work that they have done personally or professionally.

Here is how to personalize your B2B cold emails super quick - look up the person you want to send out an email to on LinkedIn or go to their website and make a note of all the relevant information which can later be used to draft a compliment!

Including a personalized compliment in the first line is guaranteed to increase the number of responses you get exponentially. The aim is to create an email that is so personalized that it can’t be sent to another person.

3) The pitch

The B2B cold email response rate depends on the pitch, which should include the pain points of your potential clients, the service that you are providing, and establish how you are going to help them overcome their challenges, what makes you stand out?

Your pitch has to revolve around your prospective client, the challenges that they are currently facing and the solution that you’ve for them. Make sure to talk about your unique mechanism, which should be something that elicits intrigue and is time-worthy.

Sharing concrete numbers and the names of the companies whom you’ve worked with will only help amplify the response rate!

For instance-

“ Worked with X company and helped them increase their website traffic by 70% in 7 days”

4) The CTA (Call-to-action)

A call-to-action (CTA) is something you expect out of your B2B cold email, which could be setting up a call/ meeting and connecting with the prospect, or just asking for feedback/ inputs regarding your product or service.

Usually, from our experience, the best CTA’s are the ones that create a need to respond back. Most of our campaigns include CTA’s that request for a quick 15-minute call with the prospect, and we’ve seen great results using the same.

Keep your CTA to the point and work around your potential client's schedule.

Lastly, running cold B2B email marketing campaigns is based on reasoning and logic. B2B Marketing as a whole depends on understanding the “why” behind the purchase decision of your prospects and adapting to the latest marketing trends.

This helps in coming up with interesting strategies and eventually figuring out what works best for you.

Happy Marketing :)

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